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  • Strategy

    investigating and analysing
    markets to position
    your brand.

  • Identity

    innovating and crafting
    your brand’s core

  • Packaging

    measured exact,
    handled with care,
    packaged just right.

  • Digital

    interactive experiences,
    as eloquent as
    the eiffel tower.

  • Interiors

    creating an ambience
    ensuring you are the
    last guest to leave.

  • Advertising

    exuding style
    and panache with
    more efficiency.

  • Social

    a modern day speakeasy,
    facilitating buzz
    around your brand.

  • Activation

    turn the key and
    watch your audience
    interact & refine.


substance is a collective of people with imaginations so far reaching, that if we were a single hybrid person you would probably be afraid to be our friend. our productivity is not purely achieved by sitting at the desk; napping for the explicit reason of conjuring surreal ideas is completely justifiable.

contrary to most, our resume is filled with work we love to do, and it shows. briefs, (not the kind of underwear), but the kind that stipulate deliverables make us giddy. in light of everything, our positive madness and overwhelming passion produces not just empty pretty things, but wickedly beautiful executions with substance.



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